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Erin Hensley, CEO & Strategist

        Erin started Coact Marketing in 2017 after years of doing one-off consulting work for brands of all sizes. Erin has worked in marketing since 2013 and since then, has worked with hundreds of businesses to improve their marketing, including The Ohio State University and Major League Soccer's Columbus Crew. She knows what it's like to build a business from the ground up and loves being able to help small businesses reach their goals. Erin received her MBA in 2020 from The Ohio State University and is a member of numerous national marketing associations. 

Erin Hensley Coact Marketing

        As the Director of Marketing for a national e-commerce brand, Erin brings a unique perspective to the table. With years of experience in marketing, she is knowledgeable in the latest marketing trends and strategies that can help your business succeed. Erin has worked with all types of clients, including e-commerce, brick & mortar, and software as a service. Erin is based in Columbus, Ohio and lives with her fiancé and their three dogs. She loves spending time outside, having her daily morning coffee, drinking a good cocktail, and watching the Columbus Crew. Contact Erin today to get started on an effective marketing plan that will maximize your reach and boost your bottom line.


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“As a small business owner in the early launch phase, I'll admit that I don't know everything about running my own business -- building the ship while sailing it! Then Erin came along and provided my young website with a marketing audit, pointing out the strengths I already had in place, and my many opportunities for enhancing the content, layout, and SEO. I can't thank Erin enough for giving me a new perspective and small, actionable ideas for enhancing my business in the near-term."

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Columbus, Ohio | Serving Clients Globally

Tel: 614-602-1746

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